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discojesus's Journal

Somerville's Slovenly Saunterer
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cause I always say I love you
when I mean turn out the light
and I say let's run away
when I just mean stay the night
you stare at my eyes
i stare at your chest
you whisper me lies
you know what I like best
i'll embarrass myself
and tell you the truth
i've got nothing to say
and nothing to lose
"send me an angel", alt. country, american analog set, analog synthesizers, anime, ashley macisaac, bagels, bdsm, bears, beck, being unable to change, belle & sebastian, bondage, book of love, brooding silently, built to spill, cape breton, carolyn chen, cause and effect, cello, celtic fiddle, cheesecake, chiptune, chubbies, cognitive science, collars, college radio, computer science, consciousness, cops, crystal castles, dance dance revolution, darren aronofsky, dear nora, despising suburbia, digital recording, dismemberment plan, dj shadow, edward gorey, elation, elephant 6, epitonic, extra pillows, fantasizing, fat furs, fetishism, furries, fursuits, geography, guitar, home recording, homosexuality, independent music, indie electronica, indie film, inhibition, instrumental hip-hop, introspection, iron and wine, john vanderslice, kalx, kevin smith, lali puna, leather, liz phair, lubricant, magic marker records, mashed potatoes, men, merge, mike's hard lemonade, misery, neil halstead, neutral milk hotel, new york city, nick drake, nicolai dunger, nina nastasia, old 97s, online comics, ozy & millie, p.e.e., perry bible fellowship, philly soul, pony play, prefuse 73, puppy play, reading other people's journals, reading personal homepages, reading trashy fantasy, ricotta cheese, rjd2, san francisco, self-delusion, singing, skub, sleater-kinney, sleeping, slim's, slowdive, spoon, stalking strangers, stereolab, sunny day real estate, swiss cheese, tails, talula gosh, the avalanches, the cure, the delfonics, the free design, the microphones, the notwist, the smiths, thinking about sex, thom bell, todd solondz, uniforms, veracity, water, web comics, welcome to the dollhouse, willy wonka, yasunori mitsuda, you